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    Supplementary occupational pensions constitute an essential element of human resources and remuneration policies. They are also increasingly considered as an integral part of global pension policy. In order to obtain an overview of these extra-legal advantages, the government decided in 2006 to create a supplementary pensions database.

    What is the purpose of this database? To collect information regarding the established advantages, in Belgium and abroad, for salaried workers and employees, self-employed individuals and civil servants within the context of the second pension pillar.

    This has now been accomplished! Since 2011, DB2P, the supplementary pensions database for the second pillar, created and managed by Sigedis, is operational, receiving declarations from pension organisations (insurers and pension funds) and from sector organisers.  These declarations concern the type of pension commitment (group insurance, company plan, sector plan, etc.), the payment of premiums by the organiser, the pension fees of the affiliate and the payment of these fees.

    Since 2011, Sigedis has collected data on pension commitments for salaried workers and as from 2013, regulations for self-employed individuals (the WAPZ/PCLI and RIZIV/INAMI conventions) must also be declared.

    Other regulations for self-employed people (e.g. group insurance policies, insurance for independent entrepreneurs and individual pension commitments, etc.) will only fall within the field of application of the database from 2014 onwards.